Wednesday, October 22nd

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Track IV: Marina Vista - Live Webcast from this Room

Luke Wilson Presents Satellite Beach

Directed by Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson.



Internet Summit - Branding Day

Satellite Beach

Directed by Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson.


Satellite Beach follows the unique journey of the Endeavour space shuttle as it travels through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center and the fi¬nal move of the Atlantis space shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center. Watch as Warren Flowers (Luke Wilson), a devoted and unlikely shuttle manager navigates the missions on his own accord while the citizens, reporters, and officials are perplexed by his involvement.


Trouble & the Shadowy Deathblow

Directed by Stephanie Laing (Producer for Veep, Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals). The film stars Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Andy Buckley (Bridesmaids), Jean Villepique (I Love You Man), Tim Baltz (Drunk History), Jody Hill (Observe & Report), Chris Addison (In The Loop), Tim Simons (Veep), Ike  Barinholtz (Mindy Project), Frankie Faison (Banshee).


No man is an island—but there are always exceptions. Meet Jim Funkle, a once promising food scientist, his career came to an end with one catastrophic failed experiment. Ostracized, unemployed, and middle aged, Jim Funkle was American mediocrity at its best… until he was given the chance to choose otherwise.


The Learning Curve

Starring: Matthew Gray Gubler, Directed By: Phil McCarty.


The Learning Curve is a short film adaptation of an essay by David Sedaris, starring Matthew Gray Gubler.


Moderator: Andre Wiggins, Producer, CBS