Wednesday, October 22nd

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM

Track II: Poolside Tent I

Monetizing Entertainment Programming - Exploring Business Models: Branding, Advertising, Subscription, Syndication - Video Across Platforms

Greg Galloway, CEO, iflixtv, LLC

Tina (Ialongo) Hoover, VP Marketing & Interactive Experiences at Scientific Games

Messiah Jacobs, founder and President, Four Screens Production

Jeff Roach, Chief Strategy Officer, Fuel Youth

Jonathan Tavss, President, Scarlet Strategic

Arlene Zeichner, Principal, Selavy Associates, Moderator

products, developed brands, influenced opinion, and won share. Prior to joining Fuel, Roach was the VP of strategy at Youthography, and the President of Glitteration (a reference to millennials as the glitterati generation), where he worked on hundreds of youth marketing campaigns in virtually every category, including work for BlackBerry, Bubblicious, Coors, Energizer, Fisher-Price, Mattel, Microsoft, MTV, PUMA, Procter & Gamble, and Ubisoft. He got his career start as an art director, and went on to become a copywriter, strategic planner and creative director, with a career highlight that includes a CASSIE award for advertising effectiveness, for his role in a youth tobacco cessation campaign. Roach has been quoted in the Globe & Mail, has presented at Understanding Youth and YPulse Mash-up conferences, and is a Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional.


Tina Hoover has spent over 15 years in the fields of gaming, broadcast television, interactive television, social applications, digital media and advertising. She is particularly interested in in areas in which gaming and digital media promote positive social change. Tina is currently the VP Marketing & Interactive Experiences on Monopoly Millionaires’ Club, a groundbreaking cross platform national lottery and TV show from Scientific Games. There she oversees traditional and digital advertising, social media, in-show interactivity, and PR for both the lottery and TV show.  Previous to Scientific Games, Tina was VP of Marketing & Customer Development at BrainRush, an educational games startup founded by game industry legend Nolan Bushnell that is on a mission to make learning as fast, fun and fulfilling as playing a video game. At BrainRush, Tina oversaw marketing, user acquisition & retention, and monetization.  Before joining BrainRush, Tina was most recently the VP Social Media & Interactivity at Endemol USA, the largest independent TV production company in the world. There she was responsible for creating and managing Endemol USA's social & mobile gaming/app business, as well developing opportunities for audiences to engage with Endemol shows and interact with other fans, before, during and after the program. Tina has a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley in Mass Communications and a Master of Arts degree from Fielding Graduate University in Media Psychology and Social Change, an emerging field of study that focuses on the critical role digital media plays in identity and social formation, and how to use media to engender positive social change.


Messiah Jacobs, founder and President, Four Screens Production: a full service creative production house that specializes in creating great content for TV, film, web and mobile device. Reality TV and web series are at the forefront of their creative resume. For almost a decade Four Screens has worked in production with top talent including Vivica Fox, Robert Townsend, Esai Morales, Michael Clark Duncan, Loretta Devine, Monica Calhoun, Fyvush Finkel, Stanley Kamel, Irwin Keyes, Armin Shimerman, Elliot Gould, and Diane Carroll.   Most recently Jacobs forged international opportunities for Four Screens by teaming up with Friday House Films to produce the much awaited Malayalam film  "Peruchazhi"starring India's mega star Vijay Babu.  He has also been the force behind the talent management and reality show development for the family of Wu Tang Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard's family .  As an Producer, Messiah Jacobs cut his teeth on indie films like Skyler starring Tony Award winning actress Anika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog; Dreamgirls) and the zany comedy The Urn. Both films were equally successful with The Urn starring Emmy Award winning actor Fyvush Finkel (Picket Fences; Boston Public) and Stanley Kamel (Monk).  In October 2009, Jacobs’ Musical Theater of Hope premiered. It became one of the highest rated shows in Gospel Music Channel’s history, featuring performances by R&B star Howard Hewett and Grammy nominated Angie Stone. Jacobs’ prowess as Producer did not go unnoticed by the show’s Executive Producer and Director Robert Townsend.  In January 2010, Jacobs was hired by acclaimed Director and Producer Robert Townsend to be the Head of Production of V-Studio. This new venture, a division of One Economy Corporation, is focused on creating multi-platform public purpose media.  With Townsend, Jacobs produced three seasons of the award winning dramatic web series Diary of a Single Mom with all-star cast Monica Calhoun (The Best Man; Sister Act 2), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars, Lady Sings the Blues), Richard Roundtree (Se7en; Shaft) and Leon (The Five Heartbeats; The Temptations). Diary..., will Premiere on TVOne in November 2011 and will have the unique distinction of being one of the few webisobes to transition to Broadcast Television.  Building upon the success of Diary of a Single Mom, V-Studio created a new dramatic web series Los Americans for the growing Latino audience. The series is written and directed by Dennis Leoni (Creator of Showtime’s Resurrection Blvd.) and stars Esai Morales (NYPD Blue; La Bamba), Raymond Cruz (The Closer) and Lupe Ontiveros (Desperate Housewives; Selena). Los Americans is now successfully broadcasting on Transit TV reaching over 25 million people per month.  Ever the "innovator," Jacobs has become well respected in the digital production world with the creation of these two strong dramatic web series. This truly distinguishes him as a leading pioneer in New Media Landscape.  At the beginning of 2011 V-Studio committed to producing its first feature film In the Hive. With Townsend directing, Jacobs producing and great performances from Emmy Award winner Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy) and Oscar Nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile) the production was a success.  Jacobs’ producing roots are grounded in finance. He earned his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY) in his hometown of New York City. While working on his bachelors he honed his finance savvy working at Harlem's Carver Federal Saving Bank. This financial background gives him invaluable insight and understanding of the business side of the entertainment world… a creative world that depends on business-know-how to get a project produced from beginning to end.


Jonathan Tavss is an award-winning digital marketer with nearly two decades of work leading content creation, product development and global marketing campaigns for international entertainment studios, CPG brands and service corporations. Tavss is sought out for strategic advice around marketing strategy, product design, media planning and business development for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies through to start-ups.  Since 2001, Tavss has planned and directed integrated marketing campaigns for companies including 20th Century Fox Theatrical and Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers International, Buena Vista Theatrical, OwnZones Media Network, ABS-CBN International, myMARQ, BuzzSwag and LikeLive.  Always looking to leverage bleeding-edge technology in marketing, media and distribution on behalf of clients’ brands, Tavss has conceived and orchestrated numerous innovative and award-winning paid media, mobile and interactive experiences - both online and out-of-home. Currently, Tavss is a driving force behind ConnectD – a global company expanding brands’ digital presence in physical spaces through a suite of touch applications within connected displays.  His work has earned numerous awards including the London International Design Award, Webby Awards and Key Art Awards and is a frequent speaker at media, entertainment and advertising events. Specifically, he’s addressed crowds at Ad:Tech, Digital Hollywood, iMedia, Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit, BUAC London, The Actor’s Fund and DED Global Roadshow.


Arlene Zeichner, Principal, Selavy Associates: a digital media advisory practice focused on content strategy, licensing and programming. Zeichgeist offers three areas of service and specialization: 1. Creative Content Creation/Development/Programming: Zeichner was a film acquisitions executive for 20th Century Fox and a development executive for producer/manager and Paramount Pictures Chief Brad Gray and film director Frank Oz. As a result, she knows how to assess and develop content production from the ground up. Her career began in market research, making her an excellent collaborator with PR and marketing to build content awareness. 2. Business Development Strategy and Implementation: Zeichner was a corporate strategy executive at 20th Century Fox and Sony Digital where she launched multiple initiatives, including Soap City. She was also the head of content alliances for Viiv, Intel's Media Center PC platform. She has developed and maintained many valuable relationships with media, entertainment, technology, and online executives. 3. Dealmaking: Zeichner has a wide range of deal experience including license fees, revenue shares, promotional content, and sponsored content. Zeichner has negotiated deals for multiple content formats (TV, film, and short form content) across many entertainment platforms including online, film, mobile, OTT, hardware, consumer electronics, social media and out-of-home networks. Zeichner holds both creative and business degrees including a BA from New York University, an MA from Yale University, and an MBA from Columbia University.




Internet Summit - Branding Day

Greg Galloway, CEO, iflixtv, LLC: Indie filmmakers need a place to showcase their work. There are over 1.8 Million people who attended a film festival in 2012 and these attendees continue to crave indie films but usually have to wait till the following year for the Festival suited to their tastes to open again. iflixtv is essentially a perpetual film festival. We curate films, shorts, docs and web series from all over the world from distributors, festivals and individual producers to provide opportunities to make money.


Jeff Roach, Chief Strategy Officer, Fuel Youth: Roach is tasked with strategic planning and consumer trends and insights surrounding digital experiences for global youth brands. With 20 years in advertising and marketing communications, and a majority in youth marketing, Roach has launched