Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

The Breakfast Roundtable - Wednesday, April 29

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM - Open to all attendees

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Bring the Sizzle--How Your Sizzle Reel Sells Your Brand

De Ivett, founder, 5D Spectrum

Nicole Smith, Vice President, Brand New Media

Jeanette DePatie, President, Propellerhead, Inc.

Ghiya Rushidat, Composer

Susan Slamer, Vice President, Music Affairs, Sony Pictures Television

Television.  Responsible for all music needs for programs produced by Sony Television, including Domestic, International, Internet Programming and Mobile Games. Former, Vice President, Fremantlemedia, North America Responsible for all music needs; including creative, clearance and licensing for all of  Fremantlemedia’s programming in North America. Researched, budgeted and cleared all the music, including creating themes each week, choosing guest mentors. Susan left American Idol at the end of season 4 to become a VP at Sony Pictures, but her formula for clearing and licensing the music of American Idol is now the template used in all reality TV programming. Former, Music Supervisor, American Idol. Responsible for all music needs for AI – Season I – 4, including creative decisions on Theme shows and mentors, working with the contestants on song choices and musical arrangements as well as all music clearance and licensing.


De Ivett, founder, 5D Spectrum: As founder of 5D Spectrum, a multimedia design & programming firm, De Ivett leads the creative and technical teams to deliver engaging interactive experiences and memorable marketing campaigns. With a passion for arts and music eduction for kids, De is an active board member of Rock School Scholarship Fund, providing funding to kids for music programs nationwide.


Nicole Smith, Vice President of Brand New Media, a global digital content and broadcast company with offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany and the Philippines. They  produce format TV, digital TV and have both broadcast television and digital television channels that also broadcast across social media, in multiple markets. Prior to this, she launched and ran their TV channel in Australia. She's been with BNM for 10 years where she has also run the sales and marketing teams. Prior to BNM, she worked in the UK for Emap Magazines on two female monthly magazines and 1 weekly gossip. Nicole started her career at Network 7 in Australia.


Jeanette DePatie, President, Propellerhead, Inc.: For over two decades Jeanette DePatie has served as a pioneer in marketing, interactive technology and content development; combining three different yet uniquely complimentary skill sets.  She has a deep and abiding love for all things technical.  She has a clear understanding of marketing including how to explain really complicated stuff and how to get people to buy incredibly complicated stuff.  And she knows how to create compelling content.   She has put this unique collection of skills to work in projects at all levels from helping an executive team at a Monsanto subsidiary roll out an international technical product launch, to helping small children learn about the human body in a set-top game for the latest Magic School Bus® DVD.   She has produced interactive art projects for Intel’s Creator’s Project at Coachella, written patent applications for and executive produced the Dance2It mobile application platform, created bleeding-edge trade show demos for Microsoft, produced a multi-city mall tour for Konami’s American Idol, written a best-selling book, and produced literally hundreds of hours of LIVE streamed content. Jeanette has produced, managed, marketed and created materials for a wide range of other clients including Apple, Disney, Fox, HBO, Heuris, Hitachi, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Monsanto, Panasonic, Paramount, Pulitzer Broadcasting, Sony, Southwestern Bell, Spruce, Sundance, Universal, and Warner Bros.   Jeanette has also served as a committee leader and national board member for the Producers Guild of America. Recently, Jeanette launched a business around her best-selling book and DVD "The Fat Chick Works Out!"  As a plus-sized, certified fitness instructor, Jeanette has helped thousands of people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities learn to love their bodies and love exercise again.  Jeanette has been called a "female Richard Simmons" and has been referred to by Simmons himself as a "superstar".  She is frequently contacted by the media and has appeared on or in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dr. Drew, The Katie Couric Show, ABC News, CBS Interactive and The Huffington Post.


Ghiya Rushidat, Composer: A young Jordanian composer, Ghiya Rushidat, has been passionate about music and learning since very early age of 4. Already at the age of 12, Ghiya has started receiving extensive training at a reputable music school, learning concert-level piano performance. Already in her youth, she has won numerous awards and recognitions for her excellent piano performance abilities.  Ghiya has successfully graduated from the Royal School of Music in London, obtained Diplome d'Etudes Musicales from Lyon, and a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Yermouk University and the National Music Conservatory in Jordan. Ghiya has also received training from Steve Smalley and Stu Kennedy, and is currently being mentored by Hollywood’s renowned film composer and orchestrator Sean McMahon.  In 2008, Ghiya entered the world of film music in 2008, scoring “Desire,” a silent short produced by the Royal Film Commission. She soon then began working on several successful films and projects as documentaries and features with renowned TV stations as Al-Jazeera, CNN, and BBC. One of her productions was a UCLA feature called “Mother Lover Daughter Symphony.”  A turning point in Ghiya’s career came in 2014, when she moved to the United States to explore her film composition opportunities in Hollywood movie industry. Upon arrival, she began working on “Pen of Mirrors” film starring Eric Roberts, and her music received outstanding and positive feedback from music experts and professionals in the Hollywood industry. Ghiya is recognized as one of Jordan’s most innovative musical talents and one of very few female film composers in the Middle East and the world. She has successfully integrated her cultural background, wide exposure to classical music, and understanding of western music trends into her film music.


Susan Slamer, Vice President, Music Affairs, Sony Pictures Television: Susan produced the highly successful fundraiser, “An Evening with Sir George Martin” at the Hollywood Palace in Hollywood, California raising money for education in the schools both in the U.S and the UK.  As an Agent Susan worked with Sir George Martin, Patrick Doyle, Dan Foliart, Tom Scott, John DuPris, Mark Watters, and Stanley Clarke; and while working with the management firm Concerts West she assisted in the handling of  The Beach Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, Mickey Dolenz, and The Moody Blues. - Vice President, Music Affairs, Sony Pictures