Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Virtual - Augmented Reality Workshop

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Track I: Poolside Tent II

Virtual Reality:  Opportunities and Strategies for Studios, TV, Platforms, Brands and Marketers

DJ Roller, Co-Founder, NextVR

James Iliff, CCO, Survois

Jeffrey Greller, Digital Agent, WME

Myles McGovern, President, IM360

Michael Yang, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

Jonnie Ross, Co-Founder, Visionary VR & VRLA, Moderator


reality designer with a background in VR headsets and motion capture installations, working in the areas of avatar embodiment, interactive cinema, and narrative architecture. Prior to co-founding Survios, he was the producer of Project Holodeck, a full-motion virtual reality project at the USC Interactive Media and Games Division.


Myles McGovern is President of IM360, a joint venture between Immersive Media Company and Digital Domain Holdings Limited. He also serves as President and CEO of Immersive Media Company (IMC). IMC's revolutionary 360° video technology has been changing the face of interactivity across the web, mobile devices and VR, creating a new standard for the way we interact with video in the entertainment market.  Under Myles’ direction, Immersive Media has pioneered and become the world’s leading provider of 360° interactive video. Starting with military and intelligence applications, the technology was popularized when Immersive Media brought the concept of “Street View” to Google. It has since become the industry standard for interactive second screen experiences. From working with top brands such as Converse, Samsung and Mountain Dew, breaking new ground for American Express “Unstaged,” with the Taylor Swift “Blank Space” video, to the live-streaming of an NHL game, Immersive Media is changing the way we view entertainment. Prior to joining Immersive Media in 2004 Myles was Founder, President and CEO of Centrinity/MC2. It was there he spearheaded the company’s rapid growth into 55 countries and was twice nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the year. In addition, Myles spent 10 years at Xerox working in product management for digital product integration strategy. Myles is a graduate of Simon Fraser University.


Michael Yang joined Comcast Ventures (CV) in 2009 and is a Managing Director based in Palo Alto.  He leads CV’s investment activities in Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and Healthcare.  Some of his portfolio companies include CreativeLive, August, Jawbone, Accolade, and Healthline.  Prior to joining CV, Michael was a VP/GM at Yahoo!, a principal at Atlas Venture, and a member of AOL’s Business Affairs team.  Michael has an MBA from Harvard and a BS from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

DJ Roller, Co-Founder, NextVR; A co-founder of NextVR, DJ is an award winning producer, director and cinematographer for 3D & 2D IMAX films, feature and digital cinema films, television shows, documentaries, commercials and special effects.  His accomplishments include shooting the first live 3D sports broadcast (2007  NBA All-Stars game) and the first digital IMAX 3D live action film, featuring U2’s 3D concert in Argentina. DJ also developed the world’s first digital 3D underwater beam splitter camera system, capable of capturing 4K 3D imagery on land, underwater and in macro 3D. In 2000, he collaborated with Vince Pace on design and construction of the first 3D HD video cameras with James Cameron.


James Iliff is Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Survios, a virtual reality startup focusing on engaging games and immersive technology. Iliff is a virtual