Thursday, October 23rd

11:05 AM - 12:20 PM

ThinkTankIV: Director’s Room

Managing Social Data: Understanding Interaction, Behavior, Lifestyle, Marketing and Technology

Dan Benyamin, CEO, CitizenNet

Justin Rezvani, CEO and founder, theAmplify

Kerry Edelstein, Owner, Research Narrative

Juntae DeLane, Digital Brand Manager of the University of Southern California

Dhruv Joshi, Chief Evangelist + Growth Hacker, Social Rockfish, Moderator

core technology design and development initiatives for groundbreaking in-car digital media players. PhatNoise's products have earned such accolades as Popular Science's Best of What's New, and PC Magazine's Editor's Choice.  In 2005, PhatNoise was successfully sold to Harman International (NYSE: HAR),  where Dan continued as Vice President of Engineering, leading the teams that conceived and built a line of media products that have won both Macworld’s Best of Show and the Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Award.  Dan holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles, and is an active member of several technical and entrepreneurial organizations in the Southern California region.


Juntae DeLane is the Digital Brand Manager of the University of Southern California and owner of Juntae DeLane Consulting where he provides digital marketing and social media strategy. His passions for digital marketing, trends, and creativity serve to further his quest to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses grow. As a passionate professional and digital native himself, Juntae’s unique blend of traditional marketing knowledge, combined with his expertise in digital trends, have made him a sought-after campaign strategist and consultant."


Justin Rezvani, CEO and founder, theAmplify: A believer that innovation is derived from frustration, Justin has always been at the cutting edge of enhancing and creating impactful mobile experiences. With the drive to establish himself as an expert within the mobile space, Rezvani began his professional career at the Walt Disney Company, where he created various Disney branded mobile-to-mobile advertising campaigns which resulted in the highest click-through rate, positioning himself as a “one-to-watch” in the then burgeoning mobile marketing department. Since his success at the Walt Disney Company, Rezvani's passion evolved to focus on the technology that powers and enables these mobile experiences. On the pulse of all things mobile consumption, Rezvani recognized an untapped opportunity as it relates to advertising and marketing, leading him to develop a proprietary and patent-pending algorithm, SharedRank™, which measures and discovers audiences on Instagram. With SharedRank at its core, Rezvani founded theAmplify, an Instagram influencer marketing firm, which creates large-scale native advertising campaigns for brands. On a day-to-day basis, Rezvani acts as CEO of theAmplify where he oversees all aspects of his privately held, self-funded company, where he strives to cultivate an environment for innovative product development and business growth. Within a few short months of launching, theAmplify is cash flow positive and fully sustainable.


Kerry Edelstein is the President and founder of Research Narrative, a media research and consulting practice with clients such as Netflix, Rovi Corp, Viacom Media Networks, and New York Public Radio. A seasoned market researcher and media strategist, Ms. Edelstein previously served as Vice President of Research & Analytics for Joost Media, leading the organization's research efforts related to advertising effectiveness, consumer behavior, and media trends. Prior to her tenure at Joost Media, Ms. Edelstein was Vice President of Research at SmithGeiger, a Los Angeles-based media research and consulting firm. In this capacity, she collaborated with renowned media brands such as ABC, Disney, Warner Bros., Discovery, Lifetime, and NPR to develop compelling content, launch cross-platform media strategies, and build leading brand portfolios. In her earlier role as Director of Online Research, Ms. Edelstein was instrumental in the development of SmithGeiger's online research methodologies, including online program testing, ad testing, and talent evaluation. She began her career at Harris Interactive, where she became one of the industry's first professionals to develop expertise in internet-based research. Edelstein holds an MBA with honors from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and received her undergraduate degree with honors from Cornell University in Biometry and Statistics. She is currently a co-chair of the Advertising Research Foundation forum, "Research as a Business Tool” and serves on the outreach committee for the ARF's FOQ2 initiative. Ms. Edelstein also serves on the Board of Directors for CHAMPS, a charter high school arts academy in Los Angeles.


Thursday, October 23rd

Video, Social Media & Crowdfunding

Dan Benyamin, CEO of CitizenNet: For over 15 years, Dan has imagined, architected, and built award-winning products used worldwide in a variety of industries.  As the CEO of CitizenNet, Dan has lead to the team to build a predictive database of consumer opinion and intent, leveraging over 400 million users and nearly 5 billion activities. This enables brand marketers to better understand their core customers, uncover new (and sometimes surprising) potential customers, and automatically optimize their campaigns to engage these audiences. Before founding CitizenNet, Dan did private consulting for a number of consumer companies, most notably Best Buy, where he was a strategic investment advisor.  A veteran of the consumer technology industry, Dan was Co-Founder and CTO of PhatNoise, where he directed the company's