Thursday, October 23rd

11:05 AM - 12:20 PM

ThinkTank II - Plaza Room

Marketing Primetime Hollywood Content - Using Twitter, Facebook, Smartphone and Tablets

Jason Klein, CEO & co-founder, ListenFirst Media

James Thomas Sr., President BEM Media Group and The Red Letter Agency PR Firm

Marsha R. Levine, President, A List Entertainment

Jenna Broughton, Customer Relationship Manager, Union Metrics

Kelli Richards, President & CEO, The All Access Group LLC

Mick Darling, CEO, Tomorrowish

Donald A. Jasko, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Economics, Moderator

Kelli Richards, President & CEO, The All Access Group LLC:  A media trailblazer, uber-connector and influencer across media, digital music, entertainment and technology, Kelli Richards literally & figuratively lives and thrives in the crosshairs of Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Madison Ave forecasting trends and connecting decision makers to talent and to one another. A highly sought-after consultant, super-connector, trusted advisor, celebrity wrangler and thought leader, Kelli Richards is the CEO of The All Access Group LLC. She facilitates strategic business opportunities in digital distribution between innovative technology companies, talent & media companies, and consumer brands in order to foster new revenue streams and deliver compelling consumer experiences.  Kelli envisions and executes on a very big scale.  Prior to launching The All Access Group consultancy, Kelli was responsible for driving music and entertainment strategies during her many years at Apple; and was fortunate to have been personally mentored by Steve Jobs.   She frequently works with funded start-ups as a consultant and  strategic advisor (often focused on business development and strategic partnerships), and connects them with financing as well when needed.  Kelli also serves as a trusted advisor to successful high achieving individuals who are at the top of their game, but either feel as though something is missing or who otherwise may be at a transition juncture in their lives and their work.  Her clients are exceptional individuals who include high tech entrepreneurs, innovators, rock stars, celebrities, thought leaders & other luminaries in various fields.  The host of a successful online radio show, called All Access Radio, Kelli has published several top-selling books on Amazon, including: "The Art of Digital Music", "Taking the Crowd to the Cloud" and "The Magic and Moxie of Apple: An Insider's View".  She's a regular columnist for, and a regular Linked In Pulse Contributor.


James Thomas Sr., President BEM Media Group and The Red Letter Agency PR Firm: James Thomas believes that life is an exciting adventure. As a teenager in the 1970's, seeing the likes of Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and other's come through his uncle's VIP Records store began his love affair with the entertainment industry. He graduated from Fremont High School in 1978 and turned down

admission into college to follow in the entrepreneurial path he had seen paved.At the age of 21, James took $600 and started his first business, Video Plus Records. Over time he would start several other ventures, including “The Minority Business Association”, and the “White Glove Cleaning and Detail Service”, whose clients included Robert Townsend, David Lee Roth, and The Black Crowes. In the meantime James had taken college courses, completed the USC Entrepreneurial Program, and was inducted into the Successful Alumni Hall of Fame in 1989 at Fremont High School. He also stayed close to the community, working with at-risk youth in both Inglewood and Los Angeles. With no experience in publishing but a desire to see a publication that showcased black people positively, James started “Style One Magazine” in 1992. While this venture was short lived, James took the initiative to continue to infiltrate the industry that enthralled him. He worked with various publications as a writer and reporter, interviewing many of the most prominent figures on the entertainment scene. In 1995 James founded what became the “Hollywood Music Showcase”, as well as “BEM Entertainment” the cornerstone of which is Black Entertainment The print publication which debuted in 1997, has had covers featuring Vivica A. Fox, Kirk Franklin, K-ci and JoJo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Antonio “LA” Reid, Monique, and Mack 10 among others Along with the magazine, BEM Entertainment, Inc. now encompasses BEM Media Group (owners of community newspapers, including the Beverly Hills Mirror, the only black owned newspaper in the city of Beverly Hills), BEM Books (the book publishing arm), BEM Films, (producer of films and documentaries) and Lamea Sounds Music (a record label devoted to the promotion of gospel music positive spoken word recordings). In 1999 James founded the Janice Denise Thomas Foundation in memory of his sister to help women with cancer. The foundation gives Teddy Bears to hospital bound cancer patients during the holidays. In 2000 he was honored when “BEM” was selected to host the “Entertainment Industry Summit” at the Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show. James took pride in the fact his company was a major part of an event that consistently attracted more than 100,000 attendees over a three day period. In 2007 he wrote, produced and directed the first project under the BEM Films banner, True Riches, is the modern day story of the Book of Job. The film is slated for a spring 2013 DVD release. In 2010 the economy and a failing marriage began to take its toll on Mr. Thomas causing him to re-evaluate his business. The publishing field was hit extremely pushing his company to the brink of bankruptcy. He did the only thing he knew to do in dire situations, pray. He was inspired to teach a message entitled “The ability to get wealth” which literally saved his business career. This message led to the formation of The Red Letter Agency PR Firm, an Entertainment, Sports and Corporate Public Relations Firm. James ups and downs on his road to success made him a natural Motivational Speaker. James teaches a weekly inspirational class. Words of Wisdom with James Thomas is conducted every Friday morning at Academy Cathedral in Inglewood, California. He also teaches via the phone lines every Wednesday and Sunday evenings to a worldwide audience. He conducts motivational seminars on how to start businesses with limited resources and how to apply God's word to your daily living. He is the Director of The Entrepreneurial Ministry and President of the Men's Ministry at Academy Cathedral Church in Inglewood, California. His unique style of speaking has afforded him the opportunity to conduct seminars in Orlando Florida, San Diego California, Nassau Bahamas, Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles, California, and many other Southern California cities. He is the author of “Five Minutes of Motivation”, “Five Steps to Owning Your Own Business, and Words of Wisdom by James Thomas.


Marsha R. Levine, President, A List Entertainment: started A List Entertainment, Inc. a product placement agency in 1992 with representation of Dassault Falcon Jet. She has placed them in classic films such as The Pelican Brief and The Sum of the Fears and as a brand integration in America's Next Top Model. She also recently placed a Challenger 850 from Bombardier Aerospace in Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. Her skills at identifying Hollywood properties for her clients, relationships with the executives at the studios, crews and knowledge of the film making process, bring her clients some of the most successful placements in Hollywood history from OTB Jeanswear in Universal's Fast Furious 2 to Fast Furious 6 with Robin's Jean. A Founding member of the Placement and Marketing Association of America, Ms. Levine served on the Board of Directors for two terms. Today product placement and branded integration are recognized as important alternatives to traditional advertising. Ms. Levine is credited with being instrumental in guiding the growth of the industry since 1991 and being one of its key agents. A List represented Dr Pepper/7UP for over 10 years and OXO International for over a decade and has positioned Dassault Falcon Jet, Dr Pepper/7UP, Maxell, Duracell, Sennheiser, Cristal, Fetzer, OTB Jeanswear, Dollhouse Shoes and OXO in primetime shows such as The Apprentice and Desperate Housewives; and in films such as The Matrix, Spiderman 3 and The Lucky One from Warner Bros. The total combination of the viewers that Ms. Levine has secured for her clients are over the 10 billion impressions. A New Yorker who lived in England before moving to Los Angeles, and who is now bi-coastal, Ms. Levine was a pioneer in the music television and video industry and produced many shows with artists such as Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, 10cc and Queen. She also owned a recording studio that produced prestigious artists such as The Cars and The Pretenders. Her accomplishments in the entertainment industry have lead her to being listed in numerous Who's Who publications with many awards for her distinguished achievements. Newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal quote Ms. Levine's insight into branded entertainment in Hollywood.


Jenna Broughton is the Customer Relationship Manager at Union Metrics, a social analytics company that makes TweetReach and Union Metrics for Tumblr. In her role she advises networks, media companies, brands, and agencies on the best way to integrate and utilize analytics as part of their overall social media strategy. She has also spent the last 7 years as a marketing communications professional working with some of the world's largest and fastest growing brands like Microsoft, Logitech and Zoosk, <> Using social media and other online and offline marketing tactics, she helped these brands cultivate their brand story and tell it to a global audience.


Donald A. Jasko, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Economics: is an attorney by training. He has, for the past 25 years, focused his energies on the economic, technological and legal issues involved in the licensing of creative content. From 1981 through 1997 Don served in various management positions at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), in which he was instrumental in transforming the process by which performance rights in musical compositions are licensed for television broadcast. He was a key participant in the complex music industry negotiations that culminated in the new "per program" license, as well as the development of the process by which music performance and pricing data are exchanged electronically between television broadcasters and performing rights organizations. In 1997 Don resigned from ASCAP to found Digital Economics. In 1998 Don became a major catalyst in the merger of Solana Technology Development Corporation with Aris Technologies, thereby creating Verance Corporation. He joined Verance in 2000 with key product development, marketing, business affairs, and sales responsibilities for Verance's digital audio watermark technology in the music and entertainment sectors. He also played a key role in forging international joint ventures. Don returned to the leadership of Digital Economics in October 2001. As Chief Executive Officer, he provides business affairs, publishing administration, license administration and product development services to Digital Economics' clients. He also serves as an expert witness in litigation involving the licensing and valuation of creative content. His clients and collaborators include: o Composers and recording artists o Publishers o Programmers o Advertisers o Content aggregators o Television, radio, wireless and peer-to-peer media o Various service providers to owners of creative content He speaks regularly at industry conferences and educational programs. Prior to earning his JurisDoctor degree at Seton Hall University School of Law, Don received a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude (with a major in Government) from the University of Virginia. He is also a graduate of the Program on Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Professional Memberships and Affiliations o American Film Institute o Association of Independent Music Publishers o Association of Music Producers o California Copyright Conference o International Documentary Association o National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences o Paley Center for Media o Society of Composers & Lyricists Don has run numerous long-distance races, including two New York Marathons. He is a member of American Mensa, the Insight Meditation Society, the Soaring Society of America and the Spirit Rock Meditation Center




Thursday, October 23rd

Video, Social Media & Crowdfunding

Jason Klein, CEO & co-founder, ListenFirst Media: Jason is a multi-time entrepreneur who has helped brands navigate the changing digital landscape for decades. Alongside Christian, he co-founded Special Ops Media (acquired by LBi in 2008) and then served as Co-President of LBi US (later acquired by Publicis in 2012). At LBi, he was responsible for the agency’s Media, ePR and Social Media offerings. Jason graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics and Philosophy, and attended medical school at Columbia University.