Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Special Production in VR and AR

Organized by David Marlett, author, VR filmmaker, CINEMERSIA

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

VR Cinema Workshop: Post-production and Distribution

Chadwick Turner, VP Content Partnerships, Vrideo

Aaron Thomen, Lead Engineer, Two Bit Circus VR

Tony Mugavero, Co-Founder/CEO, Littlstar

John Starr Dewar, Co-Founder, Studio Transcendent

Cameron Ayres, Director of VR Tech, CINEMERSIA, Moderator

Chadwick Turner, VP Content Partnerships, Vrideo: Chadwick was previously Founder & President of Circle VR, a virtual reality consultancy. His experience includes business development at Amazon, as well as roles at 20th Century Fox, IM Global, and Creative Artists Agency. He holds a BS from the Business Cinematic Arts program at USC.


Aaron Thomen, Lead Engineer, Two Bit Circus VR: Aaron Thomen’s specialty is rapid prototyping, problem solving, designing technological systems both hardware and software.  As lead engineer for Two Bit Circus’ VR division, he develops virtual reality tools used in the production of immersive 360 degree video experiences.  These tools include the creation of custom video stitching software and building high performance computers to drive those processes quickly.  He also specializes in haptics and the design/fabrication of motion platforms which are often used in conjunction with the company's cinematic VR content. Aaron was drawn to engineering and computer science as a kid.  He took everything apart, and developed a love of designing, building, and fixing things in the process.  He started welding in middle school; bought a mill, lathe, and drill press when he was just 13 years old; worked as a jeweler/watchmaker's apprentice, a metal fabricator, a carpenter, a construction worker, a computer repair tech, a website developer, a neurofeedback technician, an EEG software programmer, and used to operate the world's largest aerial tramway.  His life long interest in how things work, gives him insight across a myriad of disciplines and a unique ability to solve problems.


John Starr Dewar, Co-Founder, Studio Transcendent, is a creative technologist with a burning passion for virtual reality. John graduated from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and worked in TV and Film as a visual effects and 3D artist before transitioning to software development at Sabertooth Interactive. Later, he joined The Code Builders as its Director of Technology. When he received his original Oculus Dev Kit, he instantly knew he had to play a part in this emerging technology. He joined Kite & Lightning and helped deliver several well-known VR projects: Senza Peso, The Voice 360 and GE Subsea. Last October, he and his longtime friend, collaborator and founder of The Code Builders, Aaron Nicholson, formed Studio Transcendent, a studio aimed at delivering high-end narrative-driven VR experiences. Their first project, Rapid Fire: A brief history of flight, has earned rave reviews from attendees at GDC and VRLA, and will soon be available publicly.


Cameron Ayres, Director of VR Technology, CINEMERSIA

Cameron is the Director of Virtual Reality Technology for CINEMERSIA.  He is currently involved in post-production work for the forthcoming VR film, MansLaughter, expected to be released August 2015.  MansLaughter is being developed to run on current VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung’s GearVR, and HTC’s Vive. Cameron is also the senior producer for “Max and the Grimbles,” a virtual 3D environment and platform.