Monday, October 20th

Evening Keynote II, Ballroom Terrace

The Evening Crowdfunding Roundtable

Crowdfunding Hollywood: Strategies for Filmmakers, Studios, and Corporations

Bill Schultz, Producer of 'The Simpsons'

Michael Berk, Creator, 'Baywatch'

Kia Kiso, Producer/Line Producer

Darren Marble, Co-founder & CEO, FilmBreak

Scott Page, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Songwriter

Taylor McPartland, Co-founder & President, FilmBreak, Moderator

Bill Schultz, Producer of 'The Simpsons':  Bill Schultz is a four-time Emmy-award winning Animation Producer and Studio Executive with more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, producing such well known shows as “The Simpsons,” “King of the Hill,” “Garfield,” “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “He Man and the Masters of the Universe” and “Hero:108.” In 2010, Bill launched Home Plate Entertainment as a new animation studio engineered to bring his wealth of experience and vision into taking advantage of the vast changes and growth in the worldwide animation production business. With Schultz at the helm, Home Plate Entertainment (HPE) has already scored a hit with its series, Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders, a 26 half hour animated skein for Nicktoons in the US, created by pro-skateboarder turned mega-TV-entrepreneur-super-star Rob Dyrdek, who has 3 successful series of his own on Viacom’s MTV.


Michael Berk, Creator of 'Baywatch':  Michael Berk has been in the film and television business his entire life. He sold his first film to CBS when he was 12. Since then he has created and executive produced many televsion series including Baywatch, which became the most popular TV show in history, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. His movies and TV series have won Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Nominations, the Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Christopher Award, the Red Cross Spirit Award, the Ark Trust Award, and the Heal The Bay Environmental Award. He was awarded the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Award for Entertainment. He recently wrote "Soul Surfer" starring Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, AnnaSophia Robb (as surfer Bethany Hamilton) Lorraine Nicholson, and Carrie Underwood in her first movie. "Soul Surfer" won the Movie Guide Award as most inspirational movie of the year, and became the highest grossing surf movie in history


Kia Kiso, Producer/Line Producer:  Award-winning producer Kia Kiso was 12 years old when her love affair with filmmaking began. Even at such a young age she was keenly aware of media's possibilities to transform lives on a grand scale. She earned her B.A. in Moving Image Arts, with an emphasis on Cinematography and Business, from the College of Santa Fe/Santa Fe University of Art and Design. A born producer, Kia has a deep passion to shepherd a project from idea to screen and to tell a story which informs, entertains, inspires and transforms people's lives. She has produced everything from award-winning feature-length documentaries and music videos to promos for hit CBS TV shows, web commercials and a TV pilot. With over 80 credits as a union Camera Assistant, Telecine Colorist, commercials Coordinator and as a member of the VFX Production team on the Universal feature R.I.P.D (2013), her unique combination of skills has allowed her producing work to be extremely successful and highly reviewed. She is a member of the Producer's Guild of America in the Producer's Council and she serves on the Advisory Board for the Los Angeles City College's Film and TV Department.


Scott Page, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Songwriter:  Scott Page is a technologist, entrepreneur, musician, and songwriter. Page is most widely recognized as a saxophonist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. He was also a guitarist for these bands. Page is a multi-instrumentalist: as a prolific session musician he has done additional work in other instruments, including percussion, the oboe and flute. As an entrepreneur, Page formed Walt Tucker Productions, an audio video post production company (1987); co-founded 7th Level, Inc., a CD-ROM game and educational software company (1992); co-founded New Media Broadcasting Company a social media and collaborative communications enterprise (2001); and co-founded and served as CEO of Direct2Care, an online presence management company for healthcare (2011).


Taylor McPartland, Co-founder & President, FilmBreak:  After growing up in a very small northern California town, Taylor moved south to attend Whittier College and pursue his passion for film. Upon graduating in 2007, Taylor dove into a career in the industry with a focus on screenwriting and producing. It was during this period that Taylor began developing the concept for FilmBreak, one of the leading crowdfunding agencies in the United States. Originally launched in 2011, FilmBreak's CrowdfundX services helps creators to  effectively plan and execute strategic rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns. FilmBreak’s clients include, Zachary Quinto, George Lopez, Octavia Spencer, Lil Wayne, and others. An enthusiastic member of the entertainment community, Taylor has recently been featured in Variety, Forbes, Los Angeles Business Journal, and San Francisco Examiner.


Darren Marble, Co-founder & CEO, FilmBreak: Darren is the Co-founder & CEO of FilmBreak, a technology-driven marketing agency for corporations and content creators. Darren leads FilmBreak's CrowdfundX practice, helping clients across industries to effectively plan and execute strategic rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns. Prior to FilmBreak, Darren spent 10 years as a Sales Director in the Oracle partner community, working directly with decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies on a range of software and services projects. Darren is a featured LinkedIn guest blogger and active public speaker, having recently spoke as a guest lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, USC Marshall School of Business, UC Irvine, the CSUN Entertainment Alumni Network, and the ESGCI Business School in Paris, France.